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12/05/2017 Dutta, R., D. K. Levine and S. Modica [2017]: "Damned if You Do and Damned if You Don't: Two Masters," EUI
08/17/2017 Block, J. I., D. Fudenberg and D. K. Levine [2017]: "Learning Dynamics Based on Social Comparisons," EUI
03/22/2017 Levine, D. K. and A. Mattozzi [2017]: "Voter Turnout with Peer Punishment," EUI
12/13/2016 Levine, D. K. and S. Modica [2016]: "An Evolutionary Model of Intervention and Peace," EUI
09/23/2016 Dutta, R., D. K. Levine and S. Modica [2017]: "Collusion Constrained Equilibrium," Theoretical Economics, forthcoming
06/22/2016 Dutta, R., D. K. Levine, N. W. Papageorge and L. Wu [2016]: "Entertaining Malthus: Bread, Circuses and Economic Growth," Economic Inquiry, forthcoming
05/18/2016 Levine, D. K. and A. Mattozzi [2015]: "Voter Participation with Collusive Parties," EUI
05/15/2016 Block, J. I. and D. K. Levine [2017]: "A Folk Theorem with Codes of Conduct," Economic Theory Bulletin, 5: 9-19
05/07/2016 Levine, D. K. and S. Modica [2017]: "Size, Fungibility, and the Strength of Lobbying Organizations," European Journal of Political Economy, forthcoming
04/13/2016 Wang, Z., Y. Zhou, J. W. Lien, J. Zheng and B. Xu [2016]: "Extortion Can Outperform Generosity in the Iterated Prisoners' Dilemma," Nature Communicaitons, 7: 11125